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How Will Brexit Affect the Holiday Park Industry?


With Brexit on the horizon, how will it affect the holiday park industry, and how can you prepare? Find out, here...


This years Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show will come just one week after the upcoming Brexit deadline. One of our main aims is to reassure holiday park and resort owners that there really isn’t anything to worry about. In fact, the industry is set to rise by 40 percent post-Brexit, which will lead to positive impacts on your business if you do the right things.


With your FREE ticket to the exhibition, you’ll be able to come face-to-face with the people who are leading the way in dealing with Brexit. Come along and find out how you can come off even better after the Brexit negotiations.

This Brexit man is making a journalist smile, showing that Brexit isn't all negative

Understanding the Constraints and Turning them Into Opportunities

Brexit is causing extreme uncertainty and stress for many people across the holiday park and resort industry. Naturally, there will be some negative impacts which we must look out for.


That said, with a lot of these negatives will come an array of positives, particularly for the holiday park and resort industry. Take a look at these negatives, which could prove pretty useful for this industry:

Flights Grounded

With major uncertainty concerning travel to and from the UK after Brexit, we can’t be sure what the future holds for the holiday park industry. In a worst case scenario, Brexit could lead to grounded flights and new visa rules, as well as potential problems with health insurance and passports.


That said, although this may seem constraining to the holiday park industry, it could mean more Brits head on vacations throughout the UK!  So, staycations at your holiday park could be their go-to solution.

Fall of the Pound

Since Brexit began, the value of the pound has decreased 15 percent against the euro. In fact, it’s now dropped from being worth €1.30 before June 2016, to €1.12 now. With a no-deal Brexit becoming a very likely possibility, the fall in sterling is set to keep decreasing.


Although this may, initially, seem like a major problem, this possibility will actually benefit your holiday park. This is because a no-deal Brexit could increase the prices of foreign holidays for Brits. Due to this, staycations are becoming the most affordable holidays out there, meaning holiday parks within the UK should receive an influx of Brits through their doors.


What’s more, visiting the UK from elsewhere is also becoming cheaper. So, overall, visitors from outside will end up choosing your UK holiday park over others throughout Europe.

These pound coins, all lined up neatly, won't be worth much after Brexit

The Overall Positives of Brexit on the Holiday Park Industry

Although the above issues may initially seem like negatives, the affects these have on the holiday park and resort industry could be extremely positive. In the future, the holiday park sector can expect:

More Inbound Visitors

With the pound falling, and cheaper inbound flights, not only should Europeans be more likely to come to the UK, but Britons are more likely to remain here too! In general, the Brits are concerned over travelling outside of their country, especially when we remember Thomas Cook’s demise, which caused problems for hundreds of holiday-makers outside the UK. This should create an influx of visitors to your holiday park or resort.


To add to this, it’s not just Europeans who are coming to the UK, but also a lot of well-off individuals and families from Asia and America. In fact, the Eurostar has started to notice more Americans and Asians booking journeys across the Channel than the French!

British Staycations

With the Brits choosing to remain within the UK for their holidays, this means that Caravan holidays are rising. In fact, caravanning in the UK now ranks higher than any other country, contributing around £6 billion per year to the UK’s economy.


So, making the most of this while you can is your next step...

This picture of a caravan in a starry night is beautiful, and represents the endless possibilities that Brexit brings to the holiday park industry

Make the Most of Brexit

It seems Brexit really could help out the holiday park and resort industry. By seizing the opportunities Brexit will bring, and attending the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, you’ll get the tools, contacts, and inspiration needed to embrace this change, and profit from it!


The Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show is all about helping you find solutions to improving your customer experience, hospitality offerings, and profits. Don’t miss out, and book your FREE ticket to the show on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, so you can make the most of learning from those who have done it themselves.


We can’t wait to meet you there, so we can handle the uncertainties of Brexit, together!

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