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Is the Green Unit ARC Your Next Diversification Option?


Take a look at the Green Unit ARC at Great Field Farm, to see if their sustainable buildings could be the next addition to your offerings.


Green Unit build stylish, modular eco-buildings, offering ideal comfort and space, with a minimal carbon footprint. Featuring green roofs that support biodiversity, and designed using natural, low impact materials, which insulate too, they’re ideal if you’re looking to beat the sustainability trend.


At our collection of rural shows, we want to open your eyes to the ways you can develop your existing businesses to keep customers happy, and boost profits on your land. Green Unit will be exhibiting at both our Farm Business Innovation Show and the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show. So, click the associated links to get your FREE tickets to the exhibition, which will grant you full access to our 5 co-located shows!


Before you head over to our exhibition, take a look at what Green Unit have done for Great Field Farm to discover how they could help you…

The Green Unit ARC is the sustainable solution to diversify your land, gain more customers, and boost profits

The Green Unit ARC

The owners of Great Field Farm – The Castles – saw an opportunity to boost their business by catering to the demand for large families and travel groups. The Castles identified the ARC, and started to work with Green Unit on the plans for their new, sustainable, self-catering accommodation building.


Working with Green Unit, they put together the ARC; a 3 bedroom, self-catering holiday unit, delivered to Great Field Farm near Canterbury in Spring 2019.


Lewana Castle, one of the members of the Great Field Farm family, said: “We just fell in love with the design and concept of the ARC.”


Some of the ARC’s fantastic features includes:


  • 90 sqm Gross Internal Area (GIA)
  • 7 road transportable sections
  • Green roof
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Kitchen and living area, with panoramic window
  • Floor and wall finishes
  • Heat exchange system
  • Smart sensors to regulate CO₂, heating, lighting, and ventilation
  • Master bedroom and en-suite at the far end, which can be isolated for a standalone rental


The Great Field Farm residents stated: “We chose the ARC as we liked that it could be built under cover in the winter, is delivered practically complete, and that disruption on our site would be minimal, so wouldn’t affect our other holiday guests.”

This image of inside the Green Unit ARC shows off what this fantastic diversification option could offer you and your customers

A Boost to Business

The new ARC accommodation has opened up opportunities for Great Field Farm, allowing the business to take on more guests, and to charge higher rates. The Castles are pleased with the high occupancy rates during its first season, and have received positive feedback from guests saying how much they loved their stay in the accommodation.


If you want to learn more about how Green Unit could help improve your business, head on over to one of our rural shows, and you’ll get all the information you seek. Whether it be the Farm Business Innovation Show or the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, don’t miss out on improving your profit margins!


Otherwise, contact Green Unit using the details below:




PHONE: 01865 803101

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