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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This September in the Holiday Park World


This September, the holiday park world saw new openings and discoveries across the board! Stay up-to-date with the industry by clicking for more...


The Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show is all about opening your eyes to the ways you can adapt your park offerings to boost profits. This month, new holiday parks opening in the UK, an unknown discovery, and sustainable changes are all part of the industry developments.


With your FREE ticket to the show, you can get even more information on the products and services which are drawing in visitors to holiday parks. In the meantime, stay up-to-date with the latest news, here, so you can intrigue visitors with on-trend attractions. 

Reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee is a relaxing and informative way to start the day


New Holiday Parks

Every month, new and exciting holiday parks are opened across the UK. This just goes to show that demand is high, and with staycations on the rise, who can blame these entrepreneurs for taking action?

North Wales

Following on from the new Haven Holidays opening last month in Wales, a holiday park in Afonwen, North Wales, has just made its debut, introducing 47 new lodges. Designed for the perfect family getaway, these lodges are just that very beginning of a three-year plan.


The main attraction will be the designated area, set aside for boutique eco-glamping. In the future, we can expect 63 static caravans, alongside 70 touring caravans. Overall, the owners hope that the introduction of this park to the landscape will boost the local economy.

Barmouth Resort For Disabled

Wales are really on a roll, as they welcome a new holiday park, providing accommodation especially for the disabled and their carers. The resort was pioneered by Anthony Olley, a former nightclub owner, and his daughter Kayleigh, who has a degree in health and social care.


With the help of a £225,000 investment from the Development Bank of Wales, this park will help to begin the ultimate journey towards inclusion within the industry. This way, families can spend some well-earned relaxation time together, without the struggles that the average park or resort poses.

This disabled person being pushed in their wheelchair in the sunset can enjoy a holiday getaway at Barmouth's inclusive resort


The Mount Maunganui holiday park, set in sunny New Zealand, has decided that, with the plastic-free movement coming to light, they have to get on board! Their fantastic efforts have gained them the Tourism Industry Aotearoa, the award which commends those who put sustainability and innovation first.


But, what exactly have they been doing differently? This list demonstrates the lengths they went to to save our environment, which you can learn from and implement yourself:

  • Plastic bin liners are no longer used.
  • Reusable fabric shopping bags are distributed to guests to use throughout the resort.
  • Un-wrapped soaps have been sourced, and they’ve also joined a soap recycling scheme for people in need within the community.
  • Have pledged a four-year commitment to reducing landfill waste, they’re dealing with food waste through setting up a worm farm.
  • Replaced diesel heating system with an electrical pump to reduce carbon emissions.

These are just some of the many ways you could reduce the footprint of your holiday park or resort. Don’t miss out on drawing in thousands of visitors each year who are looking for sustainable options above others.

A Secret Holiday Park Escape

Finally, a mysterious medieval church ruin, which is hidden within a Noss Mayo, South Devon, holiday park, has been brought to light. Revelstoke Caravan Park is home to the church of St Peter the Poor Fisherman, which precariously sits on the cliff side!


Having stood for thousands of years in the same spot, conservation projects have been put forward to keep it standing. The enchanting building remains maintain a haunted, eerie feel, making it the ideal destination for a history buff.

This medieval church represents the church that's hidden within the south Devon holiday park

...And That’s a Wrap For This Monthly News Reel

Want to discover even more about how holiday parks are engaging new customers through change and development? Then get your FREE tickets to the show, on the 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, and become one of the many who are choosing innovation.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your hospitality offerings. In the meantime, we’ll see you next month for our monthly news breakdown!

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