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Perception is Everything: How P-Wave is Keeping Toilets Clean


In order to create the best user experience, it’s not just enough for a venue to be clean, it must smell great too! Find out how P-Wave are keeping toilets clean across holiday parks.


2019 marks 109 years since the death of Thomas Crapper - the Victorian Plumber responsible for the creation of the modern-day toilet. This basically means (cue tenuous link) that there is no better time to talk about toilets and more specifically, smelly ones!


Toilets are, for most venues, a necessary evil. In many facilities, they must be provided by law, but the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of them can often be painstaking, particularly in older establishments where random drain odours can strike at any time!


This article will emphasise the importance of keeping toilets clean, if you want your visitors to come back for more. If you want to hear about how you can do this, and get some fantastic deals along the way, get your FREE ticket to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show. For now, discover how P-Wave could be the solution for you to avoid deterring your customers!

This P-Wave in use shows off the way that the P-Wave keeps toilets fresh, clean, and smelling nice

The Importance of Keeping Toilets Clean: the Facts and Figures

In a recent YouGov poll commissioned by Cannon Hygiene, over 97% of people said that they would be put off returning to a venue because of poor toilets. That’s a massive influence that the restrooms are having on the overall customer experience!


If we drill down further, one of the biggest bugbears for those surveyed, alongside lack of soap and toilet tissue, were bad smells (63%). Most of us would probably agree that there’s nothing worse than the foul stench of a gents’ urinal wafting in as we devour our meal in a restaurant or bar.

P-Wave: the Ultimate Solution

The great news is that solving the smelly washroom problem doesn’t have to be a massive challenge. Simple and highly effective solutions are available to transform a washroom that smells like a dozen Haddock that have baked in the sun for three weeks, into a sweet-smelling utopia.


Best of all, they don’t have to cost the earth either. For the gents’ loos, the market-leading P-Wave urinal screens are a great start, with more fragrance than any other on the market! They also reduce splash-back, keeping walls, floors and trousers dry, as well as releasing billions of friendly bacteria to tackle drain odour below the surface. There’s even a rectangular one for the Trough urinals.

This myfresh P-Wave advert shows off the great things that P-Wave does for holiday parks

Keeping Sustainability in Mind

Until recently, timed aerosol units have long been the standard in restrooms - frightening the life out of customers as they spring into action every 10 minutes with a fragrance shower! The reality is that for many, these are no longer acceptable in a world that cares about social and environmental impact.


Increasingly, more eco-friendly and recyclable innovations are being brought to market, and P-Wave isn’t falling behind. Take P-Wave’s Easy Fresh fan system, for example. It gives off a constant fragrance from the 100% recyclable cover, freshening a washroom consistently for 30 days.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for the latest in technological breakthroughs, MyFresh, the 2019 Cleaning Show innovation award winner, is perfect for small spaces, such as holiday homes, elevators, toilet cubicles, or even on a desk.


In addition, the recently launched and cutting-edge Micro Aroma diffuser from P-Wave could also be right up your street. These stylish diffuser units use pure fragrance oil and micro diffusion technology to create the perfect ambience of subtle aroma that will comfortably fill a small to medium size area up to 200m³, whether inside or outside of the washroom.


Best of all, Micro Aroma is available with or without a Bluetooth interface, the former providing unrivalled control and programming via the handy app available on your smartphone or tablet.


With so many other things to think about, it’s easy to forget the WC’s. That said, when it comes to customer experience, the rewards from making some small changes to improve things can be huge. After all, smell is one of the most powerful senses that we have.

Air diffuser technology, by P-Wave, will help create the perfect ambience of subtle fragrance

Meet P-Wave

P-Wave offer market-leading air freshening products in the UK. For more information on their 30 day, 100% recyclable air care range, visit, or head over to stand H1152 at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, to find out more. Get your FREE ticket to the show, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC Birmingham, and we’ll see you there!





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