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Market Leader CampManager Launches Innovative Software Update at This Year’s Show


Get your FREE tickets to our exhibition to get a first-hand look at CampManager’s new software update.

Established over a period of 14 years, and trusted by over 450 clients, CampManager has revolutionised the operation of campsites and holiday parks worldwide. This has cemented their position as the UK’s leading booking and park management system.

Get the chance to meet them at this years Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, with your FREE tickets, to see if their systems could be the next step for you! But what exactly do they do?

CampManager's new software will be shown off at this year's show

Software Update Details

This year has been a particularly busy one for CampManager, as they are set to launch an updated version of their widely used software. Their aim? To exceed the current industry expectations.

The latest updates, which will be demonstrated at the Holiday Park & Resort innovation show in November, have been developed with client usability at the forefront, with the aim to deliver a seamless product experience.

Powerful reporting and improved functionality means that, although the day to day running of your site can prove stressful, your booking and management system should be anything but. CampManager prides itself on a culture of innovation.

Their vast knowledge and understanding of the industry allow them to continuously spot trends and adapt to changes within the market. This maintains their position as the leading system provider.

Whilst constantly seeking new opportunity, CampManager truly understands the importance of client retention and loyalty. Clients want a brand that listens to their concerns, understands them, and ultimately acts upon them in order to improve the service that they pay for.

See the Innovative Software at the Show

Your FREE tickets to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show will get you first-hand exposure to CampManager’s brand new software update. Don’t miss out on the chance to beat your competition to it, and network with CampManager for their latest services. We, and CampManager, can’t wait to see you there!

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