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Meet Mylo, CAPE SPC’s New Recruit.

Mylo is currently undertaking CAPE SPC’s specialist training programme. We have recently been working on scent imprinting and he has been demonstrating his typical spaniel drive. More importantly Mylo is thoroughly enjoying himself and developing a strong bond with his new handler. Cape SPC have the most experienced Bedbug detection dogs within the UK so he is receiving an abundance of love and guidance from his human and canine colleagues.

Bed bugs are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the UK and a single infestation can be detrimental to a company’s reputation. Bedbugs naturally omit a scent which can be distinguished by our detection dogs to identify infestations. Mylo is being trained by our RSPH qualified trainers specifically to detect the unique scent of bed bugs.

A dog’s nose is more than 40 times stronger than that of a human. Their olfaction enables them to detect bedbugs quicker and more accurately than a human technician. They can distinguish between dead and live bugs and will identify them in locations that the human eye can often miss. This is the reason Bedbug detection dogs are regarded as the most effective and least disruptive method of detection. 

Early detection is a vital factor in successful eradication of bed bugs from accommodation, but the early stages of an infestation are difficult to identify. They begin with low numbers of pests hiding in the most difficult to see places, often as narrow as you can slot a piece of paper into. We utilise Bedbug detection dogs to provide our unique pro-active detection programme’s aimed at prevention, early identification and treatment of infestations. 

On average our programmes have resulted in a 90% reduction of Bedbug infestations within the first year. Each of our dogs can search up to 50 units per day which allows us to offer our environmentally friendly treatments within the same day.


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