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Wellis® is a market leader among European manufacturers and distributors of spa equipment. A family business established in 2003, today manufactures state-of-the-art hydromassage hot tubs, swim spas, premium sanitary ware, hydromassage baths, shower cabins, steam cabins, infrared saunas, Finnish saunas, and spa accessories. All Wellis® products are manufactured in Hungary, Europe. Wellis® currently serves over 500 partners in its domestic and international network and is the largest European hot tub manufacturer.

During the manufacture of our products, we use the best quality materials, backed up by long years of supplier experience, our spas are easy to maintain, and built with the perfect mix of air and water to deliver the best hydromassage experience.

Our spas come with a world-class UV-C water sanitisation system, MyMusic / AquaSoul Pro Sound System, SmartPhone App, WIFI connection and Gecko’s latest generation of solid-state panels and controllers among many other premium extras.

Excellent product quality is at least as important for us as it is for our customers. We constantly strive for innovation, which is why our products are developed together with our design engineers. We are committed to the production of high-quality products, and this is how we strive to stand out in the market. Our products are TUV certified, are equipped with CE marking.  

Effective insulation is extremely important for hot tubs in order to reduce running costs to a minimum. We’ve developed industry-leading technological innovations to significantly lower running costs such as:

  • the Poli-MaxTM Hot Tub Shell Reinforcement which self insulates for both heat and sound; an entirely eco-neutral Acrylic/Abs/polymer laminate system.

  • the Polifoam Insulation, a unique and high-quality insulation type which makes every Wellis® hot tub extremely energy efficient, in an environmentally friendly way.

  • the triple “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB) insulation of Wellis spas utilises thermal gains from the spa’s equipment.

  • the Reinforced Moulded ABS Floor plan to prevent valuable waste heat drawn through the base by the “cold sink effect” that is created by damp ground.  

Thanks to our in-house design engineers and the largest manufacturing plant in Europe, we are able to develop, produce and manufacture bespoke spa / OEM products in large quantities, specifically designed for the holiday park industry in the UK.

In the recent years we have collaborated with Forest Holidays what resulted in our successful ‘Holiday Park Tub’ selection, a joint project still ongoing for our mutual benefit.  


Let this holiday park show be the beginning of our beautiful friendship!  


Ph. 01903 218 758

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