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Wellis® is a market leader among European manufacturers and distributors of spa equipment. A family business established in 2003, today manufactures state-of-the-art hydromassage hot tubs, swim spas, hydromassage baths, saunas, spa accessories and premium sanitary ware. All Wellis® products are manufactured in Hungary, Europe. Wellis® currently serves over 500 partners in its domestic and international network and is the largest European hot tub manufacturer.
Our ‘Holiday Park Tub’ collection was specifically designed for the holiday let industry in the UK and they are HSG282 compliant. Our holiday let spas are a result of a successful collaboration with Forest Holidays and we have used the very latest innovations in the industry to build them to the highest standards. We are in strategic partnership with Hoseasons - Awaze as their exclusive supplier of HSG282 hot tubs.

Our spas come with the following features:

• Fast Heating Options • In Line Automatic Chemical Dosing System • WIFI control up to 100 spas remotely
• Renewable Energy Heat Pumps • Tamper Proof Control System • Industry Leading Warranties
• Quick Drain • HSG282 Compliant • Nationwide Support Service

• HSG282 compliant:
- Tamper-proof Gecko Easy4 Control (hidden behind the cabinet) – 2 or 3 buttons only
- No perishable items fitted
- Ozone generator water sanitisation with
- In-line automatic chemical dosing system (spafrog)
• 2/3kW Gecko smart heater as standard – to connect any energy saving fast-heating options
• Quick drain as standard - which is handy for swift turn over between guests
• Various fast-heating options including renewable energy heat pumps
• Energy-saving insulation system to minimise running costs
• WIFI Connection
• Smartphone App - to control up to 100 spas at the same time
• Have a dedicated circulation pump - which is cheap to run and silent
• Energy saving 13AMP plug & play model and 32AMP spa models
• 5 years manufacturer warranty
• 3 years pumps and controls warranty (the best in the industry)
• UK stock of all parts
• Nationwide support service / training for your own maintenance team
• StarLight™ Illuminated Corner Element
• HorizontSide™ real-wood effect cabinets made from a UV resistant polymer composite
• Thermo cover

During the manufacture of our products, we use the best quality materials, backed up by long years of supplier experience, our spas are easy to maintain, come with industry-leading technological innovations to significantly lower running costs and built with the perfect mix of air and water to deliver the best hydromassage experience. Our products are TU¨V certified, are equipped with CE marking.

Thanks to our in-house design engineers and the largest manufacturing plant in Europe, we are able to develop, produce and manufacture bespoke spa / OEM products in large quantities, specifically designed for the holiday park industry in the UK.
Let this be the beginning of our beautiful friendship!

Tel: 01903 218 758

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