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Van Egdom Recreatietechniek B.V.

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Why Van Egdom Recreatietechniek B.V.?

Over the past decades, Van Egdom Recreatietechniek B.V. has gained a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience in building and creating water slides and water attractions all over the world.
We have extended our product line to the fullest, and kept our creativity broad. Van Egdom`s desire is to innovate and to give every customer the fun and quality they wish.

Our Strengths:

• We take care of the entire process, from the first design to the delivery, and complete production in our own factory.
• Our experience and creativity gives us the ability to create unique slides and water attractions, fully customised to the client`s wishes.
• We have a fully committed and experienced team that knows what fun is in water attractions, and we reflect this in our products.
• We do not only create the water attractions itself, but we also aim to ensure the greatest fun for our customers.
• We care about our products and customers. Giving a high level of service and maintenance, before and after delivering our products.
• A Dutch company with a typical Dutch quality we are known for.

Tel: 0031 030 666 2104

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