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A non-stop-shop for all things miniature golf, minigolf, crazy golf and adventure golf since 2002.  We design, build and supply portable and permanent courses and we are the UK's largest supplier to the trade of playing equipment.

Other products include:

  • AI Scorecard - a putter and ball combination for counting shorts and updating an electric scorecard

  • Kick My Putt - a series of exciting obstacles to for footballers to negotiate

  • Fore And Score App for many variations of golf, from pitch'n putt to frizby golf

  • PongCrazy - whacky and unique themed ping pong tables

  • DartsCrazy - floor-laying, giant sized dartboard, designed for putting, chipping or bean-bag throwing


As a result of Covid-19, global warming, and public feeling towards climate change / the global environment, that has directly and in-directly affected our clients, we have developed our range of:

  • Sanitistation Towers - high-performance, sturdy, automatic, non-touch, high-capacity, stylish, free-standing sanitiser units that has a range with options for: hand wipes and gloves porvisions; wrist/head thermometeres and latest technology

  • FloodWall - simple but super efficient flood defence gate, porfessionally installed and quick and easy to setup prior to and stow away down following a flood

  • Renewables -a range of solutions

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