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Ubiquiti Networks

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Ubiquiti Networks is a pioneering manufacturer of the most innovative networking technology solutions.

Ubiquiti provides powerful products, platforms and services to enterprises and service providers and at an outstanding price to performance ratio.

Ubiquiti offers disruptive pricing across their different ranges which include UniFi, EdgeSwitch airMAX and airFiber, collectively bringing wireless connectivity to everyone around the world. Ubiquiti has bespoke solutions for business, home, industry and tourism. Many of their products, including the famous UniFi WiFi Access Points, UniFi Protect Video Security Solutions and airMAX or airFiber Point-to-Point wireless linking devices can be found in holiday parks and hospitality venues around the world.

Ubiquiti Networks has close partnerships with distributors globally - who can recommend solutions for your holiday park at competitive prices, and deliver to you the next day.

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