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Tanki - The award winning toilet paper designed not to clog or block things up. Designed to satisfy guests onboard 5* cruise ships, Tanki is also found in caravans, holiday parks, off grid properties and private yachts.

Kind enough to flush in the Arctic and designed to keep things flowing.

Initially created to help prevent blockages of sewage systems at sea, Tanki has been put to work in a variety of new markets. The unique construction of the paper allows it to disintegrate easily without compromising on strength or quality. By being glue and plastic free it also has perfect environmental credentials.

Did you know that over 22,000 tonnes of lamination glue is flushed in the UK alone'that is the equivalent of over 160 blue whales or 3m chihuahuas!

Made from sustainably sourced virgin pulp, Tanki does not contain any toxic substances commonly found in recycled paper, and is therefore totally safe for the marine environment.

Tanki is distributed to holiday parks and chandlers via the Arleigh Group of companies, including Aquafax and Nova Leisure.

Tel: 01743213912

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