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Hello, We are Stop Digging North, We supply and install Ground screws and structural timber or metal bases for a range of timber framed buildings to eliminate the need for concrete,

Ground screws replace concrete posts, pads and piers without changing any other aspect of your building design. You can plan the perfect structure or building, we can offer you an optimal solution for your foundation needs, without the hassle, mess and environmental cost of concrete.

Our qualified installers install our ground screws and base for you. Installation is quick and easy, for example the supports for a medium-sized garden room can be ready in just a few hours. The ground is pre-drilled for each screw to ensure the best possible bite, regardless of the type of soil or rock. Our equipment is light and portable and does not damage the landscape or surrounding areas, The drilling does not tear up the grass, tarmac or other terrain, and after we are finished we leave behind the minimum of mess. Stop Digging`s Ground screws come with a 25 year warranty.

Tel: 0800 0126206

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