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Spyder Wheelz UK, e-chopper 


intelligent, electric vehicles


Spyder Wheelz is the European market leading e-chopper in the leisure & rental market. An innovative, emissions free electric scooter excellent for the rental and leisure business.  Lithium-ion battery, average range 70km, speed 30km/h, digital display, remote locking, cruise control, Alarm & immobilizer, Smartphone holder + charger.


Spyder Wheelz's business focuses on sales and marketing of electric vehicles for recreational, tourism and promotional enhancements. Our goal is to provide the leisure market and its customers with a unique, popular and environmentally friendly experience with a great Fun & Wow factor.


Spyder Wheelz e-choppers are excellent for rental activities as they are maintenance-free.  The batteries are easily interchangeable resulting in continuous rentals.  


Spyder Wheelz is market leader and exclusive supplier of e-choppers to almost all leading Holiday Resorts and Parks, Hotels and Leisure (rental) companies in The Netherlands.


Generate another income stream by renting the e-choppers to your guests and visitors.


Replace large noisy petrol/diesel vehicles with quiet electric scooters. Impress your guests and save the environment. 




On private land the e-choppers must be used with an appropriate policy of insurance but can be used without DVLA registration and without tax.


They are fully road legal and can be driven on public land including a public highway. However, in this event the e-choppers must be used with an appropriate policy of insurance and need to be taxed.  They are classified as an L1e vehicle such as a moped for instance and so carry exactly the same requirements as any other L1e vehicle, as follows:

1) You can ride a standard electric scooter in the L1e category at the age of 16;

2) If you are 16 or over, you must have a valid provisional driving licence and complete compulsory basic training or CBT (unless you obtained a full driving licence before February 1, 2001);

3) On obtaining your CBT you must display L plates (unless you obtained a full driving licence before February 1, 2001);

4) You must apply for vehicle tax, even though there is no cost for this;

5) The vehicle must be type approved and registered with the DVLA and display licence plates;

6) Once the vehicle is three years old, you must obtain an MOT certificate each year like any other vehicle;

7) You must have valid insurance in force to ride on the road, and you must wear a helmet.


In relation to 5), e-choppers are "type approved" and Nick at Spyder Wheelz UK can register the vehicle as new with the DVLA, obtain a V5 and vehicle registration number and produce and install the requisite rear licence plate.

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