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Spinaclean helps you clean higher, faster and safer with no need for ladders, platforms or cherry pickers.

As innovators of the SkyVac, Bacuum, SkyCam and SurveyCam brands, we enable you to clean at high level from the safety of the ground.

SkyVac is the leading global brand for gutter vacuums. Combining our proven commercial vacuums with high-reach featherweight carbon fibre suction poles, we enable single operatives to clean building gutters up to 12m high, quickly and effectively and all from the safety of the ground.

SkyVac internal vacuums including our innovative Bacuum battery backpack, enable single operatives to carry out high level dusting up to 8.5m from the ground using our telescopic carbon fibre poles and end tools.

SkyCam and SurveyCam allow your operatives to keep eyes on the job using our plug and play remote camera & screen kits with our high reach poles - perfect for surveying and recording high level projects.

We are a Feefo Platinum rated Trusted Service supplier.


Spinaclean Ltd
Unit 33, Cornwell Business Park, Salthouse Road
United Kingdom

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  • SurveyCam

    02 Aug 2023
    SurveyCam High Level Inspection System The SurveyCam® system takes high level inspection to a new level.  With a 5” HD monitor, secure and reliable signal transmission up to 100M* and camera mounted L ...
  • Skyvac Industrial 85

    02 Aug 2023
    For smart muscle, the skyVac® Industrial 85 is the ULTIMATE Gutter Vacuum.  A hard-core system, uniquely engineered for fast and effective gutter cleaning.  This isn’t a repurposed, off the shelf, sys ...


  • Skyvac Mighty Atom

    30 Aug 2023 Richard Marshall
    SkyVac® Mighty Atom with High Reach Pole System Small but mighty, this 1600w gutter vacuum is an excellent all-round mains powered wet & dry vacuum. Designed for both domestic and commercial use.
  • Gum Ranger Freestyle

    30 Aug 2023 Richard Marshall
    Gum Ranger Freestyle - Chewing Gum Removal System  
  • Skyvac Bacuum

    30 Aug 2023 Richard Marshall
    SkyVac Bacuum - High-Level Back-Pack Vacuum For the freedom to clean in tight spots and challenging locations, the SkyVac Bacuum is the floor-to-ceiling cleaning solution.  
  • Skyvac Internal 27

    29 Aug 2023 Richard Marshall
    skyVac® Internal 27with suction poles COMPACT AND POWERFUL: The Internal 27 vacuum rapidly removes dust and debris from a range of internal environments.    
  • Honda Slipstream Pro 20 Pressure Washer

    29 Aug 2023 Richard Marshall
    Honda slipStream™ Pro 20 Pressure Washer13hp with 20" Surface Cleaner
  • Skyvac Industrial 85

    29 Aug 2023 Richard Marshall
    skyVac® Industrial 85 with Elite High Reach Poles.  THE ULTIMATE GUTTER VACUUM allowing you to clean gutters from the safety of the ground.
  • SurveyCam

    29 Aug 2023 Richard Marshall
    SurveyCam® High-Level Inspection System for External and Internal Projects This is a must for any business wishing to carry out high level surveys all from the safety of the ground..     


  • The Importance of High Level Cleaning
  • Your Guide to Buying a Pressure Washer & Surface Cleaner
  • Spinaclean – Leading the Way in High Level Cleaning


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