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Supply and Installation of aerators, fountains, pontoons, docking systems, decking for the leisure industry
Heathland Group are a group of companies that supply and install aeration systems, fountains, fountain lighting systems, waterfall pumps for water features, solar aeration systems, pontoons, Docking systems, platforms and decking for the entire leisure industry including Hotels, leisure complexes, Golf Courses, Marinas, Parks, Recreation lakes, commercial business park sites and campsite, in short any commercial site, where aeration, fountains or pontoon, docking or decking is required.
We offer a wide range of floating and stationary aerators and a beautiful range of decorative fountains which provide stunning decorative water displays in ornamental ponds and lakes and can be illuminated to provide 24 hour beauty. We provide our stunning fountains in any size from quite small for ornamental ponds up to huge lakes and these water features serve two purposes, a dazzling visual display but also they provide much needed aeration, as our fountains are designed to provide greater oxygenation than most other fountains on the market. We can provide fountains and LED lighting options for private and public lakes, wedding venues, Hotels, golf courses, theme parks, business parks and holiday parks. We can provide our pontoons systems, docking systems, gangways, platforms and decking options for any requirement including marinas and we offer temporary hire of many of our pontoon, docking and floating barriers for event hire and we even have a fountain event hire option for something special at a wedding or a big party.

These are some of the products we can supply and install and we offer hire options on many as well

• Pond & Lake Fountains (floating and stationary)
• Water features
• Lake aerators (floating and stationary)
• Bespoke fountain design service
• Waterfall Pumps
• Plastic pontoons
• Modular cube pontoons
• RotoDock systems
• Jet Ski Docks
• Gangways
• Floating Barriers
• Work boats
• Decking

Please feel free to visit our website at or or visit us on Stand No. H1640 during the Expo to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 0800 3891990

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