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Freshwave is the network service provider bringing mobile operators, central and local government, and real estate providers together to work in new ways. Our managed sites include some of the biggest, most challenging wireless environments in the UK, including several central London boroughs and Docklands. With 6400+ mast site locations, 2000+ buildings connected and 200+ outdoor networks supported, we ensure everyone has network. Backed by DigitalBridge, we combine technical telecoms and commercial real estate know-how to create long-term market impact.

With our cutting edge experience in designing and deploying mobile private networks, we can help you and your customers get the best connectivity with a network that is reliable, secure and puts you in control.

We’ve worked with holiday parks across the UK, delivering site-wide wireless broadband for guests and operations, often in challenging connectivity environments. Contact us today at to learn more.

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And read about our industry award win for delivering the UK’s first shared spectrum mobile private network with small cells:

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