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Forbes Professional

Stand information: HP1254
  • | Equipment suppliers

Forbes Professional offers an expansive range of commercial, semi-commercial and non-commercial laundry equipment, with the comprehensive support of a first-class engineer response service.  Our engineers always fully install and commission our washers, dryers and finishing equipment as well as providing any necessary user training.

We conduct complimentary site-surveys and always advise upon all of the relevant industry and water-board regulations as well as offering detailed CAD designs. We are proud to be partnered with Miele, Primus and Maytag which enables us to offer a wide range of robust and durable solutions.  Our laundry appliances work in perfect synergy with our payment systems for a highly efficient self-service laundry operation. We also provide auto-dosing equipment as well as offering streamlined on-going detergent provision.   


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7 Wells Place, Gatlon Park Business Centre,
United Kingdom
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  • We work with holiday parks, lodges and caravan sites to establish energy and water efficient laundry rooms, wither for self-service or serviced operations. We deliver a consultative service from the i ...
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