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Foamstream by Weedingtech

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Safe, effective, herbicide-free weed control, gum removal, deep cleaning and sanitisation solution used by contractors, councils, utility companies and public facing organisations the world over. Foamstream offers business and organisations of all shapes and sizes a 'one-size fits all' solution to controlling unwanted vegetation including weeds, moss and algae and carrying out cleaning tasks such as gum removal, power washing, deep cleaning and sanitisation of high-contact surfaces such as playgrounds, sports facilities, street furniture and other surfaces. Suitable for use around people, animals, water and delicate ecosystems, Foamstream can be used un-restricted meaning operators don't have to cordon off areas while treating, and people can access the treated areas straight after application. Easy and simple to use, our systems require no on-going operator certification or training - saving organisations on going hassle and costs. Suitable for use on all surfaces, including artificial surfaces like sports tracks and playgrounds, it is an all-weather solution that can be used all-year round meaning no operator downtime and effective planning of labour. A long with controlling all weeds including invasive species, Foamstream sterilises surrounding seeds and spores to stop future regrowth - reducing total weed growth in an area over time. With over 450 machines placed across four continents - Foamstream is not a new technology. It is a trusted and effective solution that delivers instant results. With our constant innovation you can be With our constant innovation of products, we are always striving towards bringing our customers the most environmentally friendly products at the most affordable price.

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