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At Fever 20 we supply, install and support cost effective, contactless temperature testing devices. Our units can be installed in entrances or mounted on walls and turnstyles. Alternatively we also supply a handy, easy to carry, mobile unit. All units can be standalone or supported on our secure UK cloud based platform. They can also be used for time and attendance of staff. This can be achieved through facial recognition. However, where anonymity is required, they can simply be used to test temperatures. The Fever 20 device can be integrated with door locking mechanisms, its a simple green for go, red for alert system.

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, gyms, golf clubs, stadiums, schools anywhere where safety and the wellbeing of staff and visitors is paramount.

Fever 20 has offices in Wrexham, Coventry, Solihull and Leeds. We also have a distributors in Southern Ireland and Spain.

Tel: 03330 156020

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