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Eskuta are the largest eBike & eScooter brand in the UK, designers and manufactures, leading the industry creating a revolution in the world of micro mobility. 

Our brand mission is to bring freedom of motion to the masses, creating and providing products that are a sustainable alternative to combustion engine vehicles and which have the least possible impact on the environment.

Eskuta is not just a brand, it is a team of innovative visionaries who recognise that electrification is for now, not just the future. Eskuta are unique, with a product range like no other.  Whatever you opt for your Eskuta will make travels easy, fun and effortless. 

Holiday Park operators require flexible solutions to their mobility needs. The all electric Eskuta product range offer this freedom of motion and cater to these needs without the necessity of capital investment. 

The development of eScooters and eBikes have blurred the long established, traditional vehicle definitions. Eskuta offer modes of transportation that provide freedom, confidence, and reassurance which are cost effective, sustainable, and safe. 

Now is the time to choose electric, innovate, and level up. If you do not offer electric mobility hire, then you are missing out on generating income for your holiday park business. Even If you do currently offer mobility hire, it`s time to upgrade, go electric and choose Eskuta, electrification is for now not just the future. 





Telephone: 024 76 350 150


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