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Erango was created by the team at Nicholas Associates Software to help deliver the course content created by our partner brand olano, using the skills from both teams to deliver engaging courses in an easy-to-use system. 


With an emphasis on usability, performance, and efficiency, we are always progressing our service offering. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we are able to demonstrate a high level of technical competence. 

The cloud-based platform that allows you to organise and manage training, both online and in the classroom, whilst recording the skills of your people.

Erango gives you the tools you need to better understand the skills, competencies and proficiencies of your people. This analysis will allow you to identify and minimise operating risks due to lack of training and address critical skills gaps that may inhibit strategic plans.

Using data-driven reports Erango provides you with valuable insights to help optimise your workforce, build high performing teams whilst allowing you to identify and develop your employees and retain your best people. 

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