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EOVOLT are electric folding bikes that are not only powerful, lightweight and ultra-compact, they are also excellent value for money. Eovolt electric bikes are ideal for families with our bikes easily fitting adults and children.

Whether you opt for the City or Confort model, your EOVOLT bike will make sure your travels are not only easier but also allow you to experience the joys of cycling effortlessly without the headache of storage.

The wide tyres mean that the Eovolt bikes are equally at home on an off road bridleway as they are on a tarmac road.

The innovative design incorporating the seat post as the battery results in a stylish looking bike that at first glance doesn't look like an electric bike, also the balance of the bike is perfectly distributed with the weight of the battery situated directly under the rider.

Eovolt also offer a great storage solution requiring far less space when in their folded state. Five levels of assistance and with a range of 30-60 miles means you can explore your surroundings while taking the effort out of any hills that come your way.

Other great features like a USB charging port for emergency charging of phones or devices, rear rack for storage and fold and go where you can easily push the bike in its folded state means the Eovolt bikes give you everything you will ever need in an electric bicycle.

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