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Our aim at Eco Extinguishers is to provide high quality, economically beneficial and environmentally friendly fire extinguishers that are simple for our clients to use.

What is a P50 Fire Extinguisher?

Our patented composite extinguishers are a product of innovation that employ technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence, aircraft, and aerospace industries. These have been designed to be lighter and safer to use whilst reducing inventory – One P50 extinguisher will replace one standard foam extinguishers and one standard CO2 extinguisher. Due to the unique makeup on the High-Performance Foam and Pulse Technology this product can be used on live electrical equipment.

The extinguishers are British made using low energy manufacturing and a higher percentage of recycled parts. The design includes a Kevlar Aramid type woven core, UV protective casing and Marine Grade Anti-Corrosive Component. 

Why a P50?

The P50 has been designed with both the client and environment in mind. There is no need for extensive servicing as the annual check can be completed by a competent member of your organisation and full training will be provided to them – for free! 

Switching to the P50 can also help our national and global move toward reducing our carbon footprint as these extinguishers remove the need to hold a CO2 extinguisher. 

The P50 is also incredibly economically friendly and offers substantial business savings, with our customers saving an average of 47% on cost over a 10-year period. 

Where is the P50 already?

We are currently supplying P50’s to various sectors and industries including several holiday parks, schools, NHS Trusts, care and residential homes as well as hair salons! 

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