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Car Charger Ltd work in partnership with leading manufacturers of electric vehicle equipment, we offer a full turnkey service includes a site survey, design, installation, smart control, maintenance and future expansion.

We have been approved to install many of the top manufacturers which enables us to advise on the right charger for your requirements. We offer future proof installation and with our extensive knowledge we can advice on the right charging solution for your company.

We help plan, design and implement pay-to-charge EV chargers that help generate new revenue

We help B2C businesses, hotels, councils and local authorities for the right type of electric car charging infrastructure that allows customers payments and tariffs to be processed and managed.

Car Charger Ltd offer a complete turnkey solution for pay-to-charge EV charging solutions to help your business or council generate risk free revenue.

Retail and leisure outlets can enjoy a number of benefits from providing leased or fully funded electric vehicle charging facilities for their customers.

As the number of electric vehicles on UK roads increase, charging facilities will become as common place and expected like wifi is today.

Our pay-to-charge EV charger offering is suitable for:

Hotel and leisure sector
Hospitality and sports venues
Tourist attractions
Enjoy risk free revenue whilst adding value to your customers

Provide your customers with more - Attract and reward more customers as electric vehicle charging becomes more common place across the UK.

Sustainable brand benefits - It is good to be green. Providing your customers with charging points, you are demonstrating your commitment to the environment, and we can help you measure and report your carbon savings.

Attract more customers and retain them longer - Electric vehicle drivers spend on average 70 minutes charging their vehicle per visit, which gives them extra time to use your facilities, make purchases and enjoy themselves.

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