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Offer the ultimate bedroom accessory - a longer bed. 

The Bedstretch PillowShelf allows you to offer the Long Bed Option, an extra 6 inches of bed length. 

Same beds, Same bedding but Longer!

An exclusive British invention to set you head and shoulders above your competition.  A standard bed is technically too short for up to 20% of the population. A kingsize or superking bed is only 3 inches longer and is still too short for nearly 7% of the market. (hundreds of thousands of potential customers)


A PillowShelf bed extender, slotted in at the head of any size of divan bed in minutes (with or without a headboard) makes it 6 inches longer.

Your guest can choose to leave the beds as they are for slightly more space around the bed, or they can use the PillowShelf and sleep on the longest beds available.   This gives the guest the best of both worlds! 

Reach out and show you care by being height aware!  Whether you provide one in all your rooms, or keep a few on each landing, you will be able to claim that you offer the longest beds in the country!    

When your guests go home, the longer beds you offer as standard will be at the top of their gossip list.  As they extoll the virtues of your accommodation, the fact that you are so concerned about their comfort that you even offer a longer bed will keep them bringing up your name.

Those ever growing teenagers, possibly their last trip with the whole family, can have their single beds as longer 6'9" beds. (perhaps they will want to come away again with mum and dad for just one more year?)

On top of that, the PillowShelf and the offer of a Long Bed Option gives you something to shout about and a solid reason to keep your name in the minds of your customer base.  Win!, Win!

Being height aware and showing you care will help to keep your guests coming back year after year.

Same beds, Same bedding but Longer!

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