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Anthropods® is a design & manufacturing enterprise providing unique & sustainable accommodation solutions for a wide variety of markets. Based in North Yorkshire, Anthropods pods combine contemporary product design with computerised production techniques and sustainable materials, resulting in pods with a high quality of finish that look at home in a wide variety of settings. Anthropods® Blériot™ range of off-ground pods address the needs for luxury glamping, camping and additional hotel space, with fully fitted, and specified interiors, all encapsulated in a stylish, modern package. In addition, the Blériot Tilly range of pods provide a utility space suitable for offices, commercial and retail applications. Our range is designed to meet the future needs of an increasingly competitive market. We also offer an in-house service to guide our customers through the planning process including Pre-Planning and full Planning applications. Whether it’s a Blériot™ Plus, Plus Air, Sky, Janus, GO!, Tilly or Glamtainer; Anthropods® are here to provide you with the ideal pod for your needs with added X- factor! Call today to discuss your needs!Tel: 01423 869867

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