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Are you wanting to add 6 figures onto your business in 6 months or
less? Maybe you are looking to diversify into hospitality and tourism
and need help, support and a clear strategy and roadmap to success in
your business? Or maybe you are wanting to exit your business and need an exit strategy plan?

Multi Award winning results focused business hospitality consultant,
coach & trainer Alison Magee-Barker, is the North's answer to the
Hotel Inspector, bringing you the magic of business success with
clarity, focus, vision & drive. Alison is well known for adding 6
figures onto her 1:1 clients businesses in less than 6 months with her
6 star steps to hospitality business success programme. Working with a
range or large and small organisations throughout the UK, bringing a
wealth of knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality
industry to make game changer results by enhancing revenue, budgeting
and forecasting, profit, operating standards, efficiency, sales and
marketing exposure, business strategy planning, exit strategy planning or creating a solid foundation in your business.

You can choose from 1:1 Coaching, highly recommended online programmes plus online mini
courses, workshops, mentoring programme with group peer to peer
experience, all with easy to implement tools, tips and techniques to
bring out the best in you, your team, your business and your life,
along with innovating new exciting opportunities to help you and your business to
continue to grow and develop.

Tel: 07947741528

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