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Sarah Lynn

Sweets in the City

Business and the Boardroom

About Sarah Lynn

36-year-old Sarah is founder of Sweets in the City, a sweet gifting business she jointly owns with Lord Sugar after winning the popular BBC One series The Apprentice in December 2017. Sarah walked away as one of two winners in a historic £500,000 investment, being declared a ''fantastic expert in her field''.
Sarah''s business focuses on providing premium confectionery products for retailers and corporate clients. Current stockists include Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.
Before her love affair with sweets began, Sarah grew up in North London and studied History and Politics at Royal Holloway University of London. She entered the world of work in 2003 and spent a few years developing her business skills at a communications consultancy.
Her confectionery adventure started in 2010 when she returned from travelling the world with her husband-to-be. Sarah had spent much of the trip thinking about her future, and she had always dreamed of running her own business after watching her dad build his growing up. Returning from her travels she went back into full-time work to fund her project.
Sarah started creating fabulous sweet products that people actually wanted to purchase, and she tirelessly approached retailers and gift shops in order to sell through them and build her business. She got married, had a beautiful son, and continues to juggle her work and home life with the business, being a proud advocate for busy working mums.

The Apprentice Winner Sarah Lynn talks about her career journey and experience on the BBC show, what it takes to start and build a business like Sweets in the City, and what life is like being one of Lord Sugar’s newest business partners.

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