Phill Bodsworth: Speaking at Holiday Park Innovation

Phill Bodsworth


Automatic External Defibrillators – Their Placement and Use

About Phill Bodsworth

Phill is a Director of DefibUk Ltd and Good Skills Training Ltd. His career spans over 40 years during which time he worked in both Banking and Education, before becoming a director in the family businesses.

He teaches a range of subjects in Health and Safety, including 1st Aid and the use of AED’s. He trains instructors in a range of disciplines, teaches and is a consultant in Leadership and Management, and Customer Service.
Outside of work he is a District Commissioner for Scouts and is both a Sailing and Powerboating instructor.

He is passionate about the value of AED’s in saving lives and was involved in raising funds to place AED’s in the village where he lives, and even has one in his own house!

The seminar will explore why AED’s are important, where to place them and the considerations for their on-going support. It will then look at some of the different types of AED currently in use and how straight forward they are to use.

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