Andy Soloman: Speaking at Holiday Park Innovation

Andy Soloman


Realising your website’s latent potential to gain 50% more leads

About Andy Soloman

Andy Soloman is the Founder & CEO of Yomdel, a company that helps businesses grow through delivering exceptional
digital and customer insight experiences via services including managed live chat, mystery shopping and experiential
customer research.  
He’s an entrepreneur and digital communications expert who established the UK's only multiple award-winning provider of
intelligent 24/7 managed live chat. Yomdel clients benefit from significantly improved online conversion rates, with
increased leads, more direct sales and excellent customer service driving new revenue growth through increasing market
share. Yomdel is active across numerous sectors including property, finance, automotive, retail and many others.
Andy is also a former foreign correspondent and spent many years in Asia with postings to Vietnam, Singapore and Pakistan,
where he was the bureau chief for Reuters at the time of 9/11.

The majority of visitors to your website are not ready to buy. But there is a simple way to tap into this rich resource to not
only significantly increase lead volumes, but also slash CPL by 30% or more. Understanding how modern consumers behave
online exposes huge opportunities to grow your business. Digital engagement expert Andy Soloman shares the secrets that
help turn your website into a quality lead factory.

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