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The NCC Benevolent Fund

Our vision is that everyone that has worked or works in the industry has somewhere to turn in a times of personal crisis. We
know that it can only take a small change in circumstances to turn a manageable situation into one that becomes
unmanageable. Our financial grants can help those that are suffering from real financial hardship caused by bereavement,
disability, ill health or a life-changing medical condition.

The types of things that we usually provide grants for are:
White goods (cooker, washing machine, fridges and freezers)
Bedding and beds 
School uniform 
Mobility equipment 
House adaptations (we may be able to support other sources of income for major repairs or refurbishment)
Heating repairs
Funeral expenses (if not in receipt of government funeral payment scheme) 

Our work is completely free and confidential, and every case is considered on a case by case basis as we understand that
everyone’s situation is different.

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