AirBnB to expand into full-trip 'Experience'

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At the Airbnb Open conference in Los Angeles on Thursday, CEO Brian Chesky announced a host of new features designed to expand Airbnb’s offerings into virtually every aspect of a trip.

“The problem [for visitors to a new city] is it's really hard to meet anybody who lives there,” Chesky said at his opening keynote. “How do you immerse in a local community?”

Airbnb, will address this by curating an “Experiences” feature, in which local hosts will have the opportunity to recommend their favourite music venues, restaurants and other attractions . Some of these ‘Experiences’ will be quick jaunts to a specific spot, while others will be multi-day immersive tours such as sporting activities and local markets.

The multi-day immersive ‘Experiences’ will be browsable via a Netflix-like display, with movie-inspired posters and short trailers, a presentation emphasis that brings to mind the company's early decision to freely supply professional photographers to hosts in order to make listings look good. Alongside another similar feature where industry professional can highlight outstanding specific attractions. For example; a food writer might provide a list of restaurants, while a skateboarder might advocate a skate-park.

The feature is launching in 12 cities across the global, including London with the aim to expand in the following months.