Unique three-level aerial adventure opens in New Mexico, USA

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Whether you’re looking for wide open groomers, park laps, or powder filled trees, Red River Ski & Summer Area has you covered this winter, or if you are looking for activities to be enjoyed by the entire family during the summer, visit our Hidden Treasure Aerial Park.

Basel, Sep 26th 2018

Challenge Towers, North Carolina’s award-winning aerial adventure park builder, constructed this unique three-level aerial adventure on platforms. All levels are equipped with Saferoller® Continuous Belay System. The lowest Junior level for children is 20 feet above the ground and consists of 5 elements and a short zipline.  

The middle Intermediate level is 40 feet above the ground and features 10 more challenging elements.  

“Our third level platform, 60 feet off the ground, has 10 elements: we have our big zip line that zips riders 400 feet to the receiving platform where they then take a 52 foot step off the tower using a "Perfect Descent" auto-belay device to lower them to the ground,” explains Bob Henson, Red River Ski Resort. “We are very happy with our Saferoller® and excited about this! It is extremely user-friendly and provides an exceptional guest experience.”

The largest challenge during the design of their project was incorporating the course into the surrounding natural terrain. "We wanted the course to have a very 'natural' feel and make guests feel like they are in the trees.  To do this, our course had to be built into the hillside," notes Bob.

The three-level course was engineered and constructed on a steep hillside, next to several ski runs. The drop below the course makes for a great illusion of increased height as it falls away from you depending on where you are on the course. It took the builder 4 months to complete this project. 

Red River Ski Resort will continue to grow their group programs on the aerial course for team building activities, retreat and business groups. 

There are no specific age requirements, but there are weight requirements. Children weighing between 35-49 pounds have access to the Junior level and small zipline. Guests between 50-264 pounds have access to all 3 levels of the course and the big zip line. 

 "Hidden Treasures Aerial Park" was named to reflect the rich mining history of our area in New Mexico. Red River Ski & Summer Area prides itself in being a unique family resort.

We use our aerial park to give our guests a thrilling experience.  Our guides are highly trained to help even the timidest guests have a comfortable and memorable experience as they challenge themselves on our course. Using the SafeRoller Continous belay system has made our operation smooth and efficient, and we believe it puts our guest at ease with its simplicity.  We also offer a full-moon tour once a month during the summer where guests get to take on the aerial course at night with only the light of the moon and a glow stick to guide the way!" says Henson.