Let’s stay active and healthy! TrikesDirect is providing a means to get out and explore

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Here in the UK, our population is increasing. Over 65 million people live and work in the UK and, thanks to growing improvements in healthcare, more people are living longer than ever before. According to the National Statistics office, 18% of the population is now aged over 65. That’s 11 million people, some of whom are disabled or have limited mobility. Our products can help those people regain their independence and re-ignite a passion for cycling and being outdoors which many of the elderly have lost as they have aged.

These people still want to holiday and many of them want to explore areas within the UK. ABTA have published research showing that the number of people taking domestic holidays grew significantly in 2016. Their research shows that 71% of people have taken a holiday in the UK in the last year. They predict that this figure will remain stable due to the devaluation of the pound in recent months.

Our mission is to help people remain active for as long as possible – so that they can continue to enjoy active holidays into their twilight years. The longer we can keep people fit and healthy, the more holidays we can expect them to take! By offering people the means to explore farther than they would normally, you open up more possibilities for activities and day trips around the local area – supporting not only your own business but those operating in the local area as well as promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Our product range can get everyone, young and old, able-bodied or with a disability out and exploring the countryside or local area.  The solid construction of our cycle range means they are built to last and makes them ideal for use as rental bikes. They are designed by experts in cycle transportation solutions and are immensely popular on the continent. By offering our products for hire through your business, you can provide people with the means to take elderly or less mobile people on pleasant bike rides, without them feeling left out of the action! Our products can all be equipped with electric assistance motors to make sure people can cycle for hours, no matter the terrain.

The TrikesDirect product range offers solutions for transporting camping gear in our cargo cycle range; means of transporting wheelchair users in our wheelchair transport bikes and means of transporting the elderly or those with limited mobility in our taxi cycle range. We also have specialist companion cycles for those who may not be able to ride on their own. Companion cycles have space for two riders, ensuring the bike remains safe and under total control at all times when underway. Many of these cycles can also be fitted with power assistance which can be very beneficial in hilly areas. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or to get more information on our product range.