Obtaining a five-star rating for your washrooms from Visit England

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Learn here about what it takes to obtain a five-star rating.

Obtaining a five-star rating from Visit England can be extremely lucrative for holiday parks and resorts. As a recognised authority, the Visit England accreditation system expects as a minimum requirement for washroom facilities as follows:

  • All toilet and shower facilities must be adequately lit, internally and externally, during the hours of darkness whilst the park is open.

  • An adequate supply of hot and cold water must be available in all ‘in use’ showers and toilet blocks at all reasonable times.

  • All shower and toilet facilities in use during the period of 1st October to 31st March must be provided with adequate heating.

If you want to achieve the high standard of washroom 4 or 5-star rating from Visit England, you must meet the following benchmark, listed under two categories;

Mark 5 (Excellent) – General Space, Comfort & Ease of Use:

  • Very spacious facilities of an excellent design.

  • Likely to be a generous provision of spacious private washing cubicles.

  • Shower trays are above standard size. 

  • All shower cubicles provided with generously sized and fully effective dry change area.

Mark 5 (Excellent) – Fixtures, Fittings & Sanitaryware

  • Full-size wash basins. 

  • High-quality sanitaryware throughout.

  • Mirrors all in pristine condition and of a high quality.

  • Easy to use responsive controls.

  • Excellently maintained waterproof partitions.

  • Highest quality light and heat fittings throughout all facilities.

     And finally, as good practice, apply a strict regular checking procedure to monitor the conditions of all areas of the washrooms. This will not only prolong the life of your washroom but allow you to pick up on any signs your washroom may need a refurbishment.