NBB Recycled Furniture

100% recycled plastic furniture with a 25 year guarantee!

As the UK's leading manufacturer of 100% recycled plastic furniture, we design and manufacture a range of picnic tables, benches and seating.

100% recycled plastic is non-porous and will never rot, meaning it will last for many many years. Our manufactured range is guaranteed for 25 years - giving you total confidence your outdoor furniture will look brand new year after year.

100% recycled plastic also prevents used plastic from entering landfill - our standard picnic table saves over 2,000 milk bottles from being wasted!

Because of it strong and durable nature, recycled plastic furniture can last up to 5 time longer than any timber equivalent.

So why not make the switch today and invest in your outdoor areas with 100% recycled plastic furniture - no maintenance, 25 year guarantee and better than timber!

Stand Number: 1012