Asbac Lighting

Asbac Lighting have the Perfect Lighting Solution for your Park.
We are passionate about helping Holiday Parks across the UK with their Exterior Lighting needs. Our unique range of outdoor lighting is designed to meet your requirements:
You only get one chance to make a first impression.
What are your clients` first impressions as they approach your park for their holiday?
Our lighting ranges are crafted in Italy and their sleek impressive designs will enhance and create impact in their surroundings.
Energy Efficient
Is your current lighting using far more electricity than necessary?
Older lighting options such as SON and Metal Halide are very inefficient to run in comparison
to the Modern LED options.
Our Lighting Range comes with High Efficiency LED Lamps.
Our popular 42W LED Lantern Head offers a 63% Energy Saving in comparison to traditional Metal Halide option.
Reliable and Very Low Maintenance:
Does your current lighting require constant maintenance to keep it running?
Our Lighting Range is manufactured from an exclusive Resin Material which has a Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion - no painting will be required.
Our LED Lamps are very easy to replace so individual lamps can be replaced rather than replacing a whole unit - this makes it very easy to update to newer technology in the future.

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Stand Number: H1660